In-Service Conference Information

January 26-28, 2017
The Classic Center
Athens, Georgia

CNAfME On-Site Conference Registration

Membership: CNAfME students will need to make sure that their CNAfME membership is current at the time of registration. Students will need to have their most current CNAfME ID card with them when they register.

Cost: CNAfME conference registration will be $15.00 for current CNAfME members. Registration for CNAfME students is on-site only. 

Payment: We will accept cash, debit/credit card, or college/university/GMEA member personal checks. We will not accept checks from CNAfME students. GMEA does not accept purchase orders.

Location: CNAfME students should proceed to the On-Site Registration booth, located in the Atrium of The Classic Center. Please click here for a map of The Classic Center.

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