The Georgia Music Educators Association is one of fifty-one state affiliates of the National Association for Music Education. GMEA was founded in 1938 and has been active in music education in Georgia continuously since that time.  We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501-c3 not-for-profit organization. Currently we have approximately 3,000 members who are public school, private school, college and university, and private studio music teachers.  We also have a collegiate membership, made up of students who are majoring in music education, which has twenty-three chapters, and a program for high school students, who are interested in studying music in college, which has fifty-five chapters.  The association is divided into fourteen geographical districts, each of which sponsors its own events and has its own officers.  All these components of GMEA operate under the governance and supervision of our state officers and board of directors.

“Our mission is to promote the advancement
of music education in Georgia.”

Briefly stated, our mission is to promote the advancement of music education in Georgia. To do this we sponsor conferences for our teacher members, providing continuing education and professional growth opportunities. For the students of our members, we provide performance evaluations for individuals and ensembles including band, choral, and orchestra students at the elementary, middle and high school levels. We stage all-state events ranging from elementary school to college and university. These include six all-state bands, six all-state orchestras, six all-state choruses, a high school all-state jazz ensemble, and a high school all-state sight reading chorus. At the university level we have an all college. Lastly, we offer two statewide honor choral events for elementary school students and sixth graders. More than 20,000 students participate in our all-state program.  More than 2,000 bands, choruses, and orchestras attend our Large Group Performance Evaluations, and approximately 17,000 students perform for adjudication at our Solo and Ensemble Evaluations.  Most Georgia elementary schools provide music instruction for all their students. As you can see, teachers belonging to GMEA touch the lives of most of Georgia’s students.

“We advocate for music programs,
not for teachers’ jobs and salaries.”

In addition to sponsoring events and opportunities for students and teachers, GMEA has an advocacy program that speaks on behalf of the provision and funding of music programs in Georgia’s public and private schools.  We advocate for music programs, not for teachers’ jobs and salaries. We monitor pending legislation and policy-making at the local and state levels that would, either directly or indirectly,  affect music education, and inform our members about these issues in order to help them and the parents of the students they teach speak to their elected officials about them.

The Georgia Music Educators Association has the fourth largest membership among state music education associations in the United States. The teachers who are our members are dedicated professionals who go far above and beyond what is expected to give their students a love of music that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.