2017-2018 First Audition

Solo Rubric

Scales and Solo Scoring Sheet

Sight-reading Score Sheet

2017-2018 Chorus Solos:
7th-8th Grade Solos
9th-10th Grade Solos
11th-12th Grade Solos

Past Sight Reading Examples:
7th & 8th Grades
Soprano // Alto // Tenor // Bass

9th & 10th Grades
Soprano // Alto // Tenor // Bass

11th & 12th Grades
Soprano // Alto // Tenor // Bass

2017-2018 First Audition

Region 1: Districts 7, 12
Jessica Kennedy, Organizer
Woodland High School (Cartersville)

Region 2: Districts 9, 13, 14
Meg Foster, Organizer
North Gwinnett Middle School

Region 3: Districts 4, 5, 6
Michelle Austin, Organizer
Dutchtown High School

Region 4: Districts 2, 3, 11
Lesli Holton, Organizer
Crisp County High School

Region 5: Districts 1, 8, 10
Kira Tucker, Organizer
South Effingham High School

Starting Pitch

All MS singers will have flexibility of starting pitches based on the recommendation of their director. To be certain starting pitches represent the vocal range of the voice part for which the student is auditioning, suggested starting pitches might be: Soprano – Eb above middle C; Alto – middle C; Tenor – A below middle C; and Bass – Eb below middle C. High school boys experiencing vocal change will have some flexibility in requesting a starting pitch other than those listed on the website. Directors are asked to use professional judgment in assigning these pitches so that the range of the voice is still in the “area” of the voice part found in the repertoire of the senior high choirs. 

Soprano 1: Begin at F above middle C
Soprano 2: Begin at Eb above middle C
Alto 1: Begin on middle C
Alto 2: Begin at Bb below middle C

Tenor 1: Begin at F below middle C
Tenor 2: Begin at Eb below middle C
Bass 1: Begin at C, an octave below middle C
Bass 2: Begin at Bb, a 9th below middle C


Rehearsal Tracks:
To all students who were accepted to the second audition, a link via email was sent to the choral director from the state choral chair.